5 Qualities of a Great Fold Up Mobility Scooter 22 Feb

People suffer from different mobility problems. Some may need assistance in going places, while others may be born with disabilities. To address each one of these problems, different types of mobility scooters were introduced. Among the most popular is the fold up mobility scooter, which we will be talking about in this post.

Considering the vast range of fold up mobility scooters available in the market, finding the right type that suits your needs and requirements can be a challenge. But rest assured that once you find the right type for you, you will quickly regain the freedom and independence you have always wanted.

What Makes a Good Fold Up Mobility Scooter?

Now, we know that many things need to be considered in choosing a folding mobility scooter. But if you consider these five qualities, you’ll be confident that you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

Quality #1: Lightweight

A heavy weight is a common issue among fold up scooters because you need to lift them when going to elevated places. Although mobility scooters that fold up are generally portable, do understand that being portable is different from being lightweight. So, if you find it impossible to carry heavy mobility scooters, you need to consider buying a lightweight fold up mobility scooter. Otherwise, you need to hire someone to do the heavy lifting for you.

Yes, you actually have the option to dismantle the components of the scooter. However, you need to reassemble everything again before you can use it. This can be very inconvenient, right?

Quality #2: Comfortable

Fold up mobility scooter for adults can be lightweight and small. But that doesn’t mean they’re not as comfortable as other mobility scooters out there.

There are models that are comfortable with padded seats, which are pretty ideal for bumpy roads. Other models come with padded armrests, too! Some designs have adjustable and wrapped tillers as well, which is great for those experiencing arthritis or hand dexterity issues. Others have added features like cup holders for holding beverages.

Newer models are equipped with more advanced features, such as USB ports, which allows the driver to charge devices while on the go.

Quality #3: Powerful

Some lightweight fold up mobility scooter are less powerful than the heavy-duty counterparts, which make them ideal for shorter journeys. They usually have wheels that struggle with road bumps, too.

Hence, if you want to make the most of your folding mobility scooter, consider buying a model that can take you to distant places. Choose a model that is powerful enough to pass through rough or inclined terrains. But how do you identify a powerful model?

Powerful mobility scooters usually have drum brakes in both front and rear wheels, offering control and efficient stopping power at all times. Having both these brakes gives a better balance that standard scooters cannot provide.

In addition, powerful mobility scooters have four wheels and can run at impressive speeds per hour. These models can be used in almost all sorts of terrain, be it indoors or outdoors!

Quality #4: Easy To Use

If you are buying a fold up mobility scooters for adults, try to fold it as many times as you can and be sure your fingers don’t get caught in the frame.

Also, if you need to frequently dismantle it, make sure it can be disassembled easily and put together conveniently.

You also want to test how to get the scooter into your trunk, either lifting it alone or with help. If you can find a model that fits your boot, the better.

At ATTO Australia, our fold up mobility scooter features a unique splitting mechanism that allows for easy storage and handling. It can be folded in a matter of seconds and is only the size of a trolley case!

Quality #5: Safe

Safety is a primary consideration when buying a fold up mobility scooter, especially if you are getting one for outdoor use.

A safe foldable mobility scooter usually comes with a seat belt, which offers the driver a sense of security. It also has bright lights, particularly those designed for the outdoors.

Indicator signals are also helpful in open spaces or on outdoor terrains. Models with a flag are also great as they make the scooters more visible to people and vehicles.

Having rearview mirrors is also essential as they help the driver make safe turns. And lastly, scooters with a horn are recommended, especially if you frequent the park or other crowded places.

Other Factors to Consider

Aside from the qualities above, you also have to think about these things to make an informed choice:

1. The Place That You Live

Do you live in a rural village or in an urban setting? Is your place accessible by public transport? Do you have a place for storing the scooter when not in use?

All these questions need to be answered to understand what features you need to find in a mobility scooter.

2. The Places You Go

Some people need a mobility scooter to perform daily errands, while others require it for distant travels. Some also use a scooter indoors, while others need it to explore the outdoors. Be sure to consider these things ahead as not every scooter is designed to meet your needs.

3. Your Condition

Is your mobility issue permanent or temporary? Can you still walk even for a short distance? Do you live on your own?

You may want to find a mobility scooter that can be used for a longer duration. Also, ask about the different features that the scooter offers and check if you can benefit from them.

4. Your Budget And Other Options

Indeed, fold up mobility scooters for adults can be very expensive. So, it is essential to know what you’re getting. If possible, consult with an expert ahead and get their opinion about the right folding mobility scooter for you.

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