5 Questions to Ask Before Buying an ATTO Folding Mobility Scooter 13 Apr

Having limited mobility or the inability to walk long distances can affect one’s quality of life. Fortunately, it is now possible for people to move around with today’s innovations. Among these advancements are folding mobility scooters ideal for people with mobility issues to get from point A to point B without hassle.

If you are yet to purchase your first  ATTO mobility scooter, you must know what you are buying. After all, it is an investment you should not take lightly as it is something you would use daily.

That said, make sure you read on as we will guide you in buying what could be your first mobility scooter, particularly the questions you should ask yourself before purchasing one.

What Is an ATTO Folding Mobility Scooter?

You can already tell from the term itself that a folding mobility scooter is a type of mobility scooter that you can carry around anywhere you go since you can easily fold it. This type of scooter usually comes in the size of an average suitcase. While its weight varies from 24kg to 31kg, it is safe to say that it’s pretty heavy enough that it should not be carried with one hand.

Although it does not require any dismantling, you will still have to assemble it first before using it and keep it charged, depending on how frequently you use them.

The Benefits of ATTO Folding Mobility Scooter

Again, from the term itself, you can say that the main benefit of this type of mobility scooter is that you can fold it compared to other types of mobility scooters, such as full-size mobility scooters or all-terrain mobility scooters.

Because they can be folded, it is already a given that they can be both convenient to pick up and store. It also comes in smaller sizes, enabling you to navigate it around even in small spaces easily. And even if it is foldable, this does not fall short of stability since it comes in four wheels.

Another benefit that folding mobility scooters can bring is that most models come with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that can travel up to 10 miles. If you often travel for checkups or leisure, this mobility scooter is perfect for you as it can fit in most cars.

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying an ATTO Folding Mobility Scooter

Now that you know what a folding mobility scooter is and its many benefits, it’s high time that you know the basic questions you should consider asking yourself before you make your first purchase.

1. “Do I Need One?”

You may or may not need an ATTO foldable mobility scooter, depending on your lifestyle. If you don’t travel often, you can settle for a type that is not necessarily foldable. Foldable mobility scooters, specifically lightweight ones, are ideal because you can take them anywhere with you wherever you go.

2. “Do I Have The Budget?”

Mobility scooters come in various price ranges. So, before you settle for a specific model, check your budget first so you can purchase one that exactly meets your needs. Do not forget that there are mobility scooter accessories you need to buy to make your mobility aid experience a smooth and comfortable one.

3. “What Size Do I Need?”

Nothing beats a comfortable mobility aid. And one thing you should look at when buying a folding mobility scooter is its size. Avoid choosing one that is too big or too narrow for you, or else it won’t be easy to operate and navigate around. In addition, you may want to consider the size of your car’s trunk or backseat so you can easily fit your scooter wherever you travel.

4. “What Are The Features I Need?”

Just like purchasing a phone or any device, you should never miss out on the features of the model of folding mobility scooter you choose because this will make or break your experience while using this. You should check if it has a long battery life or a built-in charger, a storage compartment, and any other feature you wish to have in your scooter.

5. “Can I Navigate It Well?”

It is essential to check if you can navigate a mobility scooter properly. Hence, always ask for a test drive before buying a mobility scooter. While doing so, there are some things you need to check before you buy one. This includes manoeuvrability, seat comfortability, ease of operation, durability, and even storage space.


To give you an idea of the scooter’s manoeuvrability, try testing it out for a complete spin around the block, turn corners, go uphill and downhill, and test its brakes when you do. This is perhaps one of the most crucial parts you need to check during the test drive.

Seat Comfortability

If you spend most of your time on the scooter, then it only makes sense that you choose a scooter that is comfortable to sit on. Also, check whether it’s adjustable or not.

Ease of Operation

Remember the features you’ve wanted earlier? During the test drive, you should make sure you have tested these before you make your purchase. You can also test out that every button and lever is just within your reach.

Storage Space

While you can wear a bag around you while driving around, wouldn’t it be more comfortable if you could place your things in your scooter instead? Although this could not make or break your decision process, it’s worth considering, especially if you travel around a lot often and you also carry a lot of things with you.


You wouldn’t want your scooter to break down in the middle of your walk. Hence, check its durability, too. The scooter should be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear brought about by everyday use.

Where to Buy Folding Mobility Scooters in Australia

Now that you know the questions you should ask yourself before making a purchase, then it’s high time you know where to buy one. However, look no further because here at ATTO Australia, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of mobility aids and accessories.

You can visit our website or contact us at 1300288628 or office@attoaustralia.com.au to learn more about our services.