A Guide to Buying Cheap Mobility Scooters for Sale 01 Jul

Many individuals with mobility issues use mobility scooters in their day-to-day activities. Be it going to work, school, far-distance travel, or navigating their areas comfortably.

Despite the many benefits of mobility scooters, seniors and people with disabilities still refuse to take advantage of this mobility device. And one of the major reasons is that mobility scooters do not generally come off cheap. Mobility scooters may cost anywhere from $1,400 to $8,000.

However, the cost should not discourage you from purchasing one for yourself or a senior relative as you can always buy cheap and used ones online, such as on eBay and Facebook Marketplace. You would be surprised to find all the reasonably priced used models for sale.

To guide you on what you should look for and what questions you should ask, read on as we have made pointers that can guide you in buying cheap mobility scooters for sale.

Why Purchase a Pre-Owned Mobility Scooter?

The cost of new mobility scooters might be relatively high.

Another bad news is that there is no assurance that Medicare can cover any costs unless your doctor agrees that you need such a mobility aid device for medical purposes.

The price range of the cheapest mobility scooter is around $700 to $1,400, and the high-end ones can cost between $6,000 to $8,000 or even more for specific models.

That is why buying a used mobility scooter is considered a wise decision.

Considerations in Buying Mobility Scooters

Consider what you want to do with your mobility scooter and where you intend to ride it first—don’t bother yet whether it’s a cheap or a used scooter or a brand new one.

1. Mobility Requirements

Do you want to ride your mobility scooter around the mall or between buildings in your neighbourhood? A lightweight scooter, such as one intended to be small and simple to dismantle, may be a suitable choice.

Do you want to go on your neighbourhood’s sidewalks or park trails? You might consider a large, durable mobility scooter intended primarily for outside usage to be the best option.

2. Where You Buy It

After deciding the type of mobility scooter that you want, you’ll need to determine where you want to buy it.

Individual seller

Buying a secondhand scooter from an individual seller is less costly. However, you only have the seller’s word to rely on when it comes to ensuring the actual condition of the scooter.

Hence, always make it a point to ask the seller’s reason for selling and pictures for proof if you are transacting online. You can find individual sellers on Craig’s List, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace.

Dealership or medical supplier

While purchasing cheap mobility scooters for sale from a dealership or medical supply shop may be more expensive, some benefits come with it. One is that you are in the presence of experts; hence, you can always ask them what used mobility scooter is available in the store that is suitable for you.

People may feel more comfortable purchasing from a well-known corporation than buying it from a private individual. Another reason for this confidence is that most dealerships offer high-quality secondhand scooters; they don’t buy just any scooter they get on their hands.

3. Performance Of The Battery And Tyres

Battery and tyre performance should be thought about when you plan to buy secondhand mobility equipment.

Battery performance

The primary problem for secondhand mobility scooters is the battery, which only lasts two to three years before needing to be changed. The battery performance is crucial since mobility scooter batteries do not come off cheap and are sometimes supplied in pairs.

If purchasing from an individual, you should ask when the battery was last updated or checked and whether the previous owner followed the manual’s charging recommendations.

Tyre performance

Look at the condition of the tyres and see whether they are already worn out. Also, take the scooter for a test drive so you can test out the actual state of the tyres, and one thing you should check is whether it bounces.

You can determine if the mobility scooter has been unused for a year because one side of the tyre gets flattened.

4. Overall Condition

Look at the whole picture by checking the overall condition of the scooter. During the test drive, ensure the mobility scooter does not randomly cut out and start all over again. For this consideration, do not miss out on checking the seat cushion’s wear and tear.

5. Parts

Check if you can still fix certain parts of the mobility scooter. It can be challenging to repair one, especially if it is an old scooter or the company has already stopped producing the model. In addition, your scooter may come from a different country, and its parts may not be available in your current location.

6. The Previous Owner

When an older adult dies, their family will most likely sell their belongings, especially those that may not be useful to the rest of the family. If you are buying from a private individual, try to find out how the previous owner took care of the scooter and how long the previous owner used it. You can also ask where the user bought the scooter and whether the user mostly drove it outdoors or indoors.

7. Records

Maintenance records don’t come with mobility scooters, but some sellers may have them. These documents prove that there were replaced parts and changed batteries. Hence, do not hesitate to ask for a paper trail.

8. Extended Warranties

Most used mobility scooters won’t have warranties, which can cover things like the tiller frame, seat post, and brake. Warranties are only good for the original buyer. However, you can hope for the chance that the dealer offers extended warranties, but do take note that this is not so common.

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