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Have you recently purchased a mobility scooter? You are probably going to be out and about more on your new mobility aid. However, it is not the most leisurely thing for people with mobility needs and can legitimately become a chore if you lack the help and information that you need. So, you should secure mobility scooter accessories to help extend the versatility and convenience of mobility scooters here in Australia.

In this article, we have compiled some of the top mobility scooter accessories in Australia that will make your ride much easier and smoother than you expected it to be.

Mobility Scooter Seat And Control Panel Covers

While having no mobility aid can cause inconvenience and high levels of stress, having a mobility scooter to maintain can be just as inconvenient and stressful. That is why when you buy a mobility scooter, do not forget to include seat covers and control panel covers. These accessories protect your scooter. Your mobility aid will be ready for use in all weather conditions.

Moreover, you do not buy a costly mobility scooter if you will not be comfortable riding it. So, buying a waterproof seat cover to keep your seat dry is an ideal choice when you want to expand relaxation even further. Choose scooter seat covers that are all elasticated as they can easily be adjusted and secured to any size.

With these mobility scooter accessories in Australia, you can escape any wear and tear that your scooter can get when you use it frequently.

Mobility Scooter Storage Cover

So, you have an accessory to shelter your scooter from the contaminated outdoors when you are not using it. It’s time to consider a storage cover to protect your scooter from a lot of grime that can build up indoors.

Sure, it is a great idea to clean your mobility scooter and spruce it up every now and again. But a storage cover will prevent cleaning from having to become a daily chore.

A scooter storage cover comes from a heavy-duty fabric that is simple to fit and remove at your convenience. When you buy one, you will not have to worry about protection again. You can choose a storage cover from a wide range of sizes and shapes of mobility scooters, including deluxe, adjustable covers to fit large scooters.

Tiller Accessory Pack

The parts of a mobility scooter that everyone uses the most are the handles and control panel. Without them, the user cannot get around. As such, it is important to protect your scooter controls in the best possible way you can to avoid deficiency.

The tiller accessory pack is a great source of protection. It features a handy storage bag, a transparent cover, a basket liner, and a cover to ensure dry content. When you secure a tiller accessory pack, you are aiding yourself and the mobility scooter at the same time. So, there is no reason why it would not be a must-have accessory.

Mobility Scooter Lock

It is truly impossible and unsettling to believe that anyone would steal mobility aid from those who need it most. However, it is an unfortunate reality that happened to plenty of individuals. Since mobility scooters are expensive, thieves have the motivation to steal and sell them for some quick cash. Thus, it is essential to consider taking precautions.

One of the precautionary measures that you can take is securing a wheel clamp and a mobility scooter lock. They are responsible for locking the scooter and the wheels and preventing the device from rolling away. You can wound a long chain or cable around the scooter or wheels to a fixed post and stand, and secure with a padlock to deter theft or any form of crime.

Utility Ramp

Whether you are looking to spend your summer holiday at the beach or planning to visit your family this Christmas, accessibility and convenience for you and your mobility scooter are the keys to a hassle-free trip. So, it important to secure a ramp because you will not have to worry about any obstacles that come your way when you are travelling.

You can find a range of ramp types (e.g. threshold, single-fold, and multi-fold ramps) when you are looking to buy one for your mobility scooter. Most of them are lightweight and can be separated into two pieces, allowing a smooth and convenient setup wherever you go.

If you are wondering whether or not the ramp is suitable for your mobility scooter, you can always ask for advice from the mobility experts of your mobility accessory supplier. You can trust that they will provide you with endless certainty.

Your comfort and use need not stop at your purchase of mobility scooter. You can still enhance your enjoyment of your mobility aid with essential accessories.

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