Key Benefits Of Using Lithium Batteries 12 Jul

Lithium Batteries for Mobility Equipment

The advantages that lithium batteries provide. Lithium is the lightest among metals and is a member of the alkali group of elements. It has a high energy density rate and is highly reactive meaning it can store more energy. When packed in a battery, it has an energy storage capacity of 150 watt hours per kilogram of battery. Compared with a lead-acid battery which can typically only store 25watt hours per kilogram of battery, a lithium-ion battery can store up to 6 times the energy. This is a big difference and is a huge advantage for mobility scooters.

These innate qualities of lithium make it the ideal material for batteries required for electric gadgets and equipment which need great and long-lasting supply of energy. That is why lithium-ion batteries have become more in demand for use in mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, and iPods, just to name a few.

Lithium batteries are also ideal for electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. They are lightweight and have a self-discharge rate of 5% to 10% only annually compared to nickel which has a discharge rate of 30% a year. They can be recharged even if not fully drained yet unlike other batteries which will develop what is known as the “memory effect” in batteries making the lifespan of lithium batteries reach up to 5 years. This long lifespan enabled it to be a primary choice for pacemakers too.

Aside from lithium, lithium batteries contain non-harmful chemicals because lithium needs mineral oil for storage, so cadmium and lead, which are harmful to humans and the environment is not used. Although much care is needed in the handling of lithium batteries, when packed in hard high-quality cases, these batteries are safe and non-hazardous. This makes lithium batteries very environmentally friendly.

All these qualities make lithium batteries perfect for high-level performance needs such as in mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs.

In choosing for the best travel scooter, basic things to look at are its maximum speed, weight capacity, and battery efficiency. Lithium batteries help in all three of these areas.