What to Look for When Buying Mobility Scooters in Australia 31 Dec

Mobility scooters in Australia are becoming more and more popular. Not only do they help people with disabilities travel to distant places, but they also offer them a safe and convenient way to regain independence.

However, choosing the best mobility scooter can be a tough process as many things need to be considered. That is why we have put up this guide to help you when buying mobility scooters in Australia.

What Is a Mobility Scooter?

Also known as motorised or electric scooters, mobility scooters are vehicles designed to help users regain mobility and independence. These scooters are generally used by individuals with mobility issues, and they are commonly spotted in public places like shopping centres, parks, and supermarkets.

With mobility scooters, one can regain freedom and indepedence as they satisfy one’s sense of adventure that is limited due to age, physical barriers, and declining health. They also have enough power and speed to take a person to places while still prioritising safety.

Now, because mobility scooters in Australia are not created equal, there are things that you need to know to ensure you get the safest and most comfortable mobility scooter. Below, we have listed some of them.

1. Height

Mobility scooters are available in different sizes, so it is essential to choose one that suits the height requirements of the driver. What this means is that the driver should be able to reach the controls comfortably, and the seat should be high enough so that it doesn’t block the controls and settings.

Most of the time, three-wheeled mobility scooters offer more legroom than scooters with four wheels. So, they are often the most practical choice for drivers who have trouble moving or bending.

Then again, there are mobility scooter models that have steering controls and armrests that can be adjusted to suit one’s height. Such models are something you can consider as well.

2. Weight

Every mobility scooter model has a weight limit that it can carry on level ground. Make sure you consider that because it will affect how the motor and other features work. For instance, a mobility scooter can only carry 100kg on flat land and 80kg on an inclined surface.

You may ask, why do these scooters have weight limitations? Carrying weights can be too heavy for the scooter, and anything more than the required may damage the parts or reduce the scooter’s battery life. Worse comes to worst; it can even cause more problems to the driver as the scooter may fail to take him to places.

So, before you buy a mobility scooter, be sure to ask about weight limits with the supplier.

3. Environment

Another important thing to take into account is the environment that the driver will be navigating every day. If the scooter will be primarily used indoors, then a small mobility scooter might be the perfect choice. This allows the driver to easily access small spaces, such as aisles, elevators, and corridors. Mobility scooters for outdoor use are quite heavier and larger, on the other hand. All-terrain mobility scooters are perfect to navigate rough terrains, small puddles, and other bumpy surfaces.

4. Battery Life

Battery life is also an important consideration. You don’t want the driver to get stranded in a place where he is unable to move or find immediate assistance.

If possible, choose a mobility scooter that has long battery life. Ask your supplier how long the battery lasts, and make a choice based on the information you get. And if you are planning to take it to another place, make sure that the battery is fully charged. Don’t let it run down on battery to extend its life.

5. Portability

There is a vast range of mobility scooters out on the market today. While some are heavy, others can be easily lifted and transported in a vehicle. Some designs can even be dismantled and come in their own handy bags, too!

However, larger scooters may need vehicles that can transport wheelchairs. If you need this type of scooter, you can ask your supplier to install anchor points in your vehicle for easier transportation.

6. Longevity

When properly cared for, a mobility scooter can last for many years to come. But if you want to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase, ask these questions:

  • Will the driver need to carry heavy equipment like oxygen tanks?
  • What is the height and weight of the driver?
  • Will your mobility issue deteriorate, improve, or stay the same in the coming years?
  • Do you have plans to move house soon?
  • Do you often go to distant places during the holiday season?
  • Are you expecting a significant lifestyle change, such as a new job or school?

7. Assembly

If you will be assembling or maintaining the mobility scooter yourself, it is essential that you know how it works. To avoid problems, ask questions from the supplier. You can also check the scooter if it comes with an instruction manual.

8. Insurance

Do you know that you can protect your loved ones and ensure a safe scootering experience with a mobility equipment insurance plan? Like vehicles, owners of mobility scooters can get a comprehensive mobility scooter insurance plan. With it, you will know that your loved one’s mode of transport is covered in the event of damages or accidental loss.

There are also insurance plans that cover costs incurred to get the mobility scooters home after an accident. You can ask your supplier for more information about these insurance plans.

Invest in Quality Mobility Scooters in Australia

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